PNI M&M Module

Ultra-low-power 9-axis motion tracking

3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码pni’s m&m module is a small form factor board that integrates pni’s ultra-low-power sentral motion coprocessor with embedded sensor fusion algorithms and industry-leading sensors. sentral’s m&m module allows designers to focus on creating innovative applications rather than on complex mathematical functions required for optimal sensor fusion algorithms.

Ships with PNI’s algorithms on SENtral

  • 9-axis rotational fusion
  • Heading, tilt, pitch, and roll
  • Rotation matric quaternions, timestamps
  • And more…

Plug-and-play small form factor board

pni’s m&m module includes

  • PNI’s SENtral sensor fusion coprocessor
  • PNI’s RM3100 magnetometer
  • ST LSM330 accelerometer and gyroscope

M&M Module User Manual

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