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march 17, 2020


PNI was awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy to develop and provide high-performance magnetometers for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center for use in towed-arrays.  The magnetometers will provide extremely high sensitivity and unparalleled signal-to-noise performance (SNR) which are key parameters for accurate heading in northern seas with dip angles of 85 degrees. These high-performance magnetometers are based on PNI’s magneto-inductive sensor technology which provides high resolution, low power consumption, no hysteresis, large dynamic range, and high sampling rates, all key to accurate calculation of heading and orientation in real world applications.

Press Release

3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码june 26, 2019


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码introducing the new trax2 orientation module.  trax2 is the only orientation module that provides two different modes, attitude and heading reference system (ahrs) or digital compass. this dual-mode capability supports a wide range of applications including drones, robotics and ocean buoys, among others.  trax2 incorporates pni’s military-grade magnetic sensors with proven sensor fusion and digital compass algorithms to provide the most accurate heading and orientation, even in demanding conditions, dynamic motion and changes in the local magnetic field.

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march 14, 2019


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码introducing the newest addition to the placepod high-accuracy smart parking sensor family: the placepod vehicle counting (vc) sensor. placepod vc is a wireless, in-ground sensor that provides real-time vehicle counts for parking garages and surface lots in cities, corporate and university campuses, transportation hubs, and event facilities. placepod vc counts vehicles passing through driveways and designated entrances and exits, and the sensors offer greater accuracy than traditional loop counters and infrared sensors. real-time vehicle count information can be shared with parking guidance systems and variable message signage to improve the accuracy of parking space occupancy information and guide drivers to available spaces.

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3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码march 6, 2019


placepod is now available in india on the lorawan™ 865-867 mhz frequency band. the city of amritsar, india uses placepod sensors in curb-side parking spaces to minimize illegal parking, reduce traffic congestion, and maintain open lanes for emergency vehicles to pass. increased revenue from parking enforcement and ticketing has resulted in a return-on-investment of almost ten times the system cost.


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码january 2019


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码(article in norwegian) – the city of bodo, norway is using placepod smart parking sensors to ensure that cars parked in electronic vehicle (ev) charging stations are actually using the chargers. high-accuracy placepod sensors help the city manage enforcement for ev charging-equipped parking spaces and promote proper parking space usage.


august 7, 2018


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码senra, one of the fastest growing low-power wide-area network (lpwan) providers in india has partnered with pni sensor to bring smart parking solutions to cities across india. “we were looking for a partner who can bring high quality lorawan parking sensors that can handle extreme weather conditions. we found that with pni,” said senra’s chief executive officer, ali hosseini. “pni is one of the first companies in the lorawan ecosystem to deploy smart parking solutions across the globe. we are very excited to have the opportunity to bring their technology to india.”


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码may 14, 2018



3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码february 16, 2018


This year’s PIE event (March 26-29, 2018) is focused on Smart Parking and Smart Cities. PNI will showcase our PlacePod smart parking sensor in booth #713. Stop in to see a live demo of our high-accuracy smart parking solution and learn how cities, universities and corporate campuses are using PlacePod to manage parking resources. Contact us to schedule a meeting at the show.


december 7, 2017


editors at edn magazine selected pni’s placepod smart parking sensor for their annual hot 100 product list for 2017. product selection is based on innovation, usefulness, and popularity.


september 25, 2017


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码“reviewers have praised the placepod, for example, for its ultra-low power consumption, its ability to be ‘always-on’ (as opposed to other sensor systems that go into ‘sleep mode’ to preserve power) and stability over a wide range of temperature.”

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june 12, 2017


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june 8, 2017



may 18, 2017


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码“with up to 10 years of battery life, and able to operate even in the context of extreme temperature fluctuations, pni’s placepod sensor is considered one of the most accurate solutions for real-time vehicle detection and location of open parking spaces.”

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may 16, 2017


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3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码march 6, 2017


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3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码january 3, 2017




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 robin stoecker

director of marketing


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码direct: +1 707-566-2940


june 1-4, 2020 | cincinnati, oh/covington, ky

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