Prime Module


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码the highest-performance 3-axis compass module in its price range, pni’s prime provides pitch, roll, and compass heading everywhere, including where gps is compromised or unavailable — underwater or underground, beneath bridges, or inside buildings. the low-power-consumption, low-cost prime provides all-digital compass heading outputs accurate to 1 degree; can be calibrated to account for magnetic distortions; and offers several user programmable parameters including output damping, reporting units, and sampling configuration.


3d字谜太湖解谜推荐码combining pni’s low-power-consumption magneto-inductive sensors with a 3-axis mems accelerometer, prime is a low-cost compass that provides accurate heading and tilt readings, even at high and low latitudes. pni’s advanced hard and soft iron correction algorithms allow for compensation of magnetic distortions inherent in the user’s system, resulting in reliable and consistent readings.


By leveraging PNI’s patented magneto-inductive sensors with intelligent power-saving algorithms, Prime consumes less than half the power of magneto-resistive-based compasses. Unlike competetive products, Prime works well at high and low latitudes where the earth’s magnetic field has a very high Z-axis component. Prime is the compass of choice for low-cost robots, sonobouys, acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs), sidescan sonar, and seismic monitoring equipment.


Prime Sales Sheet

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StudioPrime (Windows)

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