sentral-a2 is the newest member of pni’s sentral sensor fusion coprocessor product family.  sentral-a2 is a tiny, ultra-low-power coprocessor that offers the most expansive algorithm feature set and development framework of any product of its kind.  freeing designers from the burden of algorithm creation, sentral-a2 gives wearables and smartphone designers a faster way to give consumers more personalized, contextual experiences with their devices.


  • Algorithm Context Framework — enables customer-specific feature extraction for activity, context, and gesture, speeding design-to-delivery of new applications.
  • Support for Google CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) — SENtral-A2 successfully runs Google CTS, the test suite that guarantees Google Android apps will run on a mobile device
  • More On-Board Memory — allows designers to add more algorithms and batch more data
  • Small Size — a 1.7mm x 1.7mm chip, SENtral-A2 is pin compatible with earlier versions of SENtral
  • Ultra-Low Power — routinely runs over 140,000 floating point operations per second at ≈200µAmps; average currnet consumption at 1.8V

Standard Algorithms Embedded in SENtral-A2

  • 9-Axis Sensor Fusion
  • Game Rotation Vector
  • Geomagnetic Rotation Vector
  • Glance Gesture
  • Gravity
  • Linear Acceleration
  • Pick-Up Gesture
  • Significant Motion
  • Step Counter
  • Step Detector
  • Tilt Detector
  • Wake Gesture
  • Context:  Walk, Jog, Run, Still
  • Context:  Bike, Vehicle
  • Context:  Tilting
  • Shake Gesture
  • Turnover Gesture

Additionally Available Algorithms

  • Activity Monitoring
    • Push-Up
    • Sit-Up
    • Sleep States: waking, light, deep
    • Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM)
  • Device Orientation and Motion
    • How the device is held or carried:  ear, handheld-in-front, handheld-at-side, in-pocket
    • Auto-detection of wrist-worn vs. not wrist-worn
  • Environmental
    • Touch, Proximity, and Light

SENtral-A2 Sales Sheet

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SENtral-A2 User Manual

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