TargetPoint DMC: American made, military qualified, tilt-compensated 6-axis compass module

pni’s targetpoint dmc delivers unbeatable accuracy and reliability in the harshest conditions. it is a key enabler in situational awareness, threat detection, and neutralization. targetpoint combines pni’s patented 3-axis magneto-inductive sensors and measurement circuitry with a 3-axis mems accelerometer for unparalleled cost effectiveness and performance. qualified as a drop-in replacement in the storm laser rangefinder, targetpoint is an ideal choice for far-target locators and laser rangefinders that require real-world reliability and performance.

Same specs: Made and supported in the USA.

targetpoint provides the same performance as exsiting dmcs, and it is a drop-in replacement in the storm lrf. the targetpoint dmc module is extensively tested to military standards, including weapon shock, to ensure specifications are consistently met.


  • Weapon-shock tested
  • Tilt-compensated 6-axis compass module
  • Hard and soft iron correction
  • High resolution accuracy

TargetPoint DMC Sales Sheet

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TargetPoint DMC User Manual

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