• High accuracy
  • Magnetic distortion compensation
  • Multiple field calibration options
  • Low power consumption


trax2 is the only orientation module that provides two different modes: ahrs or digital compass. this dual-mode capability supports a wide range of applications including drones, robotics, manned and unmanned vehicles, and ocean buoys, among others.


trax2 combines pni’s high sensitivity magneto-inductive sensors with a high stability 3-axis mems accelerometer to provide accurate heading information under a wide variety of conditions and the ability to overcome errors caused by changes in the local magnetic field.  this provides no drift, high accuracy heading, pitch and roll and long-term static accuracy.


  • AHRS mode incorporates PNI’s 15 state Kalman filter with user-adjustable knobs to optimize the algorithms for specific applications and conditions
  • Gyro-stabilized compass for improved dynamic accuracy provides sub-0.5 degrees of heading accuracy
  • Low latency and no overshoot for quick target acquisition
  • Multiple calibration methods ensure accuracy in a wide in a wide range of industrial, scientific, marine and military applications
  • ITAR-free

For full product specifications, download the TRAX2 product sheet: PNI Sensor TRAX2 Product Sheet



TRAX2 User Manual

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TRAX2 Studio

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TRAX User Manual

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TRAX Sales Sheet

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